Many organisations and individuals have offered advice or assistance during the production of this document - too many to name but Otterton Parish Council would wish to acknowledge the following:

East Devon District Council - for their professional advice and support throughout and for making this document available to many through their web site;

East Devon AONB Partnership - for funding of the consultative exhibition and publication of this statement through their invaluable Community Project Fund;

Otter Valley Association - for their generous financial support toward the publication of this statement;

CPRE - who also generously supported the publication of this statement financially;

The photographs used in this document are with the kind permission of Jim Lester, Mike Parkin, and Kay Smith;

The maps used in this document are with the permission of East Devon District Council under Crown copyright;

The Countryside Agency whose publication `Village Design - making local character count in new development' is quoted in the document;

Mike Sanderson for the production and analyses of the `Your Opinions' questionnaire;

Staff and pupils of Otterton School for their creativity in capturing the character of the village for the consultative exhibition and finally...

The people of Otterton, again too many to name individually, but without whom this project would not have succeeded. Particularly those who supported the idea from the outset, attended and contributed to the public debates, undertook the assessments, distributed questionnaires, provided material for and manned the consultative exhibition, the list could go on -

thank you


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