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Parish Council Information

Parish Council Elected Representatives
I am delighted to confirm that following an uncontested election 6 residents from the village have been elected to Otterton Parish Council for the next 4 year term, namely  Melanie Martin, Charlotte Fitzgerald, Alasdair Cameron, John Hiles, Jerry Fry & Richard Witherby.  For contact details please see the village website.  A new Chairperson & Vice Chairperson will be elected at the next meeting on 15th May 2023 and other responsibilities will be allocated.
The Parish Council would like to thank Cllr Tom Wright for his chairmanship & wise counsel over the past year and to particularly thank Cllr John Lister for his many years on the parish council and support of the village and cemetery.
The election of 6 parish council members leaves 3 vacant seats for which interested parties can be co-opted.  If you are interested in  becoming a Parish Councillor please do come along to a council meeting, usually held on the first Monday of the month at 7.30 in the village hall (when the first Monday is a bank holiday please see the website for alternative details), or contact the Clerk for more details.

Francesca Mills
Exmouth Ring and Ride

Exmouth and District Community Transport Group have a bus service called Exmouth Ring and Ride their website is this will provide all the details of their timetables.

Review of Parish Owned Trees (July 2021)
Following the progress of Ash Dieback into Otterton the trees owned by Otterton Parish Council were inspected in 2020. As a result a number of Ash trees at Stantyway were removed during winter 2020 / 21. The Parish Council authorised a follow up inspection for this year. A brief look at The Green and Behind Hayes playing field was also carried out. (for details click here)

Grass Cutting Contract

The Otterton Parish Council seeks tenders for the grass cutting work in the village, namely the Green, the Parish cemetery, Jubilee playpark & Stantyway recreation field for a 3 year period commencing April 2022. For more details contact the clerk on

Tenders to the Clerk by 30th October 2021 (for details click here)

Otterton Parish Emergency Plan 2019 for details click here

Otterton Cemetery Fees for 2020 to view the details click here.

Neighbourhood Plan

Go here for the latest infomation. (Updated Ocr. 2019)

Otterton Public Rights of Way

In Otterton Parish we have approximately 20 miles of PROW’s. These being made up of footpaths, bridleways and green lanes (unclassified roads). The maintenance of these routes is getting more and more difficult with current financial constraints, and a blurring of responsibilities between Devon County Council (DCC) East Devon District Council (EDDC) and landowners/occupiers. EDDC look after our coastal routes and with a Ranger dedicated to this work we don’t get many problems along the South West Coast Path. Click here for reports. 

Traffic Sensitive Street Review (Feb 2018)

As you may be aware, Devon are undertaking a full review of the traffic senstivie street network. Full details can be found on our webpages;

A statutory consultation period will be published for a 1 month period from the 1 March 2018. We are providing you with this information in advance of the consultation to enable you to feedback any thoughts you may have at an early stage. Feedback should be sent to the following email address:

Please be aware, Devon are governed by what can be designated traffic sensitive through regulations and statute – so we cannot designate routes outside of specific legal criteria.

Local Consideration Network 

For those areas where legal designations as traffic sensitive cannot be made we are aware, as the highway authority, that early conversations and consultation on works would help reduce network disruption. We are therefore developing a secondary network of routes entitled ‘local consideration’.

This is a network that will trigger a need for anyone planning works to discuss with local stakeholders at an early stage (i.e. at the point of noticing). The development of this network is ongoing, however, this network can be considered for areas where traffic sensitive designations do not apply.

Kind regards Victoria Walsh
Highway Systems Manager
Highways & Traffic Management
Devon County Council

Recycling Leaflets

Want to know what you can recycle in East Devon? Here’s a handy list of every day materials that you can recycle and separate in to your green box, green sack and blue food waste bin for weekly collection from the kerbside. (Click here)

Flag Days - To see when Flags will be flown at the Village Hall click here.

Otterton Local Housing Needs Report to view the report click here.

Clarification of the Review of Village Boundaries letter from East Devon District Council (Click here).



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