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Parish Council Information


Village Working Party

A working party is to be held on Saturday 24th June 2017 commencing at 10.00 a.m which will be led by Cllr Ian Simpson. The aim of the party is to level and make good the surface of the football field in the Jubilee play park. All members of the community are invited to come along and lend a hand, please bring rakes, shovels and muscle power! Please meet in the play park, we look forward to seeing you there and thank you in advance for your efforts.

County Council Election 2017. 

Election of a County Councillor for the Otter Valley Electoral Division Notice (Click Here).

Register Your Vote

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Annual Financial Return

Parish Councils are required to have their annual accounts audited, and to submit an annual return of financial and governance information. The 2015-16 audit process is now complete. The Council is expected to publish the following documents: 

  1. Annual Governance Statement (click to view)
  2. Accounting Statements (click to view)
  3. External Audit Certificate and Report (click to view Page1 Page2 Page3)
  4. Notice of Conclusion of Audit (click to view)
  5. Internal Audit Report (click to view)
  6. Items of Expenditure over £100 (click to view)

Mike Miller Parish Clerk 16 September 2016

Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting

A meeting for all residents will be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 25 October 2016 to discuss what is involved and to set up a Steering Group to guide the project. Refreshments will be provided.

Earlier Announcement

The Parish Council intends to produce a Neighbourhood Plan, in common with many other towns and parishes in the area. It is likely that a public meeting will be held, probably in September, to discuss what is involved and to set up a Steering Group to guide the project. A presentation made to the Council by the Neighbourhood Planning Officer at EDDC (click here)

Otterton Cemetery Fees for 2016 to view the details click here.

Annual House to House Canvass - UNCLASSIFIED:

We will pay £8 per hour and 45p per mile. Any forms that you return that allow us to amend the register, we will pay you an extra 50p. You will be required to call at the relevant address and ask the occupant(s) to fill in their form. If there is no response to your call, you will leave a calling card stating an allocated time that you will return. If when you make your second visit there is still no reply, you will post the form through the letter box.

If you are interested, or know of any interested parishioner, please email me back. The timescale will be from 24 October – 31 March 2017. I would also be grateful if you could publish this role on your parish noticeboard/newsletters.

Lou Hodges , Electoral Services Assistant, East Devon District Council, Phone 01395 517402

Otterton Parish Emergency Plan 2016 for details click here

Devon Electoral Review (18th June 2015) PC response click here.

Otterton Public Rights of Way

Monthly Maintenance report is now available HERE.

In Otterton Parish we have approximately 20 miles of PROW’s. These being made up of footpaths, bridleways and green lanes (unclassified roads). The maintenance of these routes is getting more and more difficult with current financial constraints, and a blurring of responsibilities between Devon County Council (DCC) East Devon District Council (EDDC) and landowners/occupiers. EDDC look after our coastal routes and with a Ranger dedicated to this work we don’t get many problems along the South West Coast Path.

Dog Owners

Otterton is an attractive village, with many miles of well kept footpaths, bridle ways and lanes, which welcomes dog owners but hopes they act responsibly with their pets. There are dog-bins and waste bins which can be used for the collection of dog waste rather than festooning random hedges with it.

This is in response to the following report from an EDDC Technical Officer:

I have recently visited the area regarding dog fouling in particular locations such as Behind Hayes and Lea Lane. I observed a high volume of dog bags (filled) thrown into the hedges along the lanes. This is probably the highest amount of discarded dog waste in close proximity I have seen in a number of years.

She continues:

Across East Devon, a thousand tonnes of dog waste is collected every year from dog bins. On the whole our streets, paths, beaches and parks are as clean as they have ever been. For those who don't pick up after their dog, we want to send you an important message. Dog fouling is one of the things that communities feel really spoils their environment and we are keen to persuade all dog owners to care enough and pick up. If you don't pick up you may put others at risk and might be committing an offence.
If someone sees you letting this happen you may have to pay a fixed penalty of £80 or you could be taken to court. We provide dog waste bins near parks and other open spaces where people exercise their dogs. If dogs foul in residential areas we would expect people to bag the waste and take it home. Bagged dog waste can also be disposed of in litter bins, so there's usually a bin within reasonable walking distance.

A “First Edition” Jan 2015. Responsible dog owners know this already but there are plenty who are not responsible, available here.

A Letter from John Finn, Eastern Locality Managing Director of NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (Here)

Flag Days - To see when Flags will be flown at the Village Hall click here.

THE FUTURE DEVELOPMENT OF OTTERTON for the response to the questionnaire Click Here.  For the original details, map and questionnaire Click Here.

Otterton Local Housing Needs Report to view the report click here.

Clarification of the Review of Village Boundaries letter from East Devon District Council (Click here).


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