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Otterton Neighbourhood Plan

Welcome to the Parish Consultation phase of the Neighbourhood Plan production for our Parish.  This exercise is being run by the Otterton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

We have now reached the stage where a first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan is in place.  We are now mounting a six-week consultation within the Parish to get people’s views on the Plan’s content.  We would very much welcome your views!

What are we asking you to look at?

There are two documents below that we would like you to consider:

  • A summary of the plan – 8 pages introducing where the process has reached, and listing our proposed objectives and policies – which are the nub of the Plan. It tells you how to respond to the Plan. We will be circulating this to every property in the Parish. We suggest that you use this to decide which bits of the full Draft Plan you want to look at further.

  • The Draft Neighbourhood Plan (version 0.17) – 174 pages including all appendices. This includes the analyses of the 2017 general and children’s questionnaires and the 2018 business one, and the traffic surveys carried out in 2017. It has the full details of our proposed objectives and policies.

How do I comment?

There are several ways you can comment:

  • On this page, there is a link to a comments entry form in the downloads table below.

  • A link below takes you to a downloadable comments form that you can use to respond to the two documents above. You can complete this electronically (it’s in RTF format so should be legible in most word processing software), then send it to our Group’s email address (below).

  • You can hand-write your comments on the form circulated with the summary plan. Please copy this form before use if you have more comments than will fit on the page, or write on the back of it. You can return this to us in one of two ways:

    • Scan it to your computer, then email it to

    • Drop the form into one of the four collection boxes in the village: at the Mill, The Kings Arms, the Church, or Otterton Community Shop.

The consultation will run for 6 weeks, from Mon 17 June to Sun 28 July. Where it is clear that a consensus exists for a particular view and it is appropriate for the plan, we will include that in the draft we submit to EDDC.

We hope you’ll think that the Draft Plan is appropriate and relevant for the Parish.

What happens next?

  • Approval for the Draft Plan (as amended following the Consultation) by OPC (early August);

  • Submission of Draft Plan to EDDC (mid August);

  • 6-week review with statutory consultees (Natural England, Historic England, Environment Agency, business groups etc) – organised by EDDC, with further editing of Draft Plan if necessary (Aug – Sept);

  • Formal inspection by an EDDC-appointed planning inspector, covering legal aspects, again with further editing of Draft Plan if required (October);

  • Referendum in the Parish to accept or reject the Plan – a simple majority of those voting required for acceptance (November);

  • EDDC deem the plan ‘made’ and it is incorporated as a legal part of the EDDC Development Planning framework (November).

Please have a look at the plan and pass your comments to us – this is, after all, a Plan which will influence planning decisions affecting the Parish for the next 12 years. At the end of the consultation we’ll publish on this webpage our response to all comments received

Click on the text or the document below.

Draft Neighbourhood Plan (7 Mb)

Summary Plan (2 Mb)

Comments Form (online)

Comments form (download)

We look forward to hearing from you!

Otterton Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group






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